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If you need additional living space, an ideal option to consider is a Woodcote Green basement conversion. Transforming this area can take a basement from a dreary state into a magnificent space that is suitable for a number of uses. This can be done at a fraction of the cost of a room addition, and work can be completed year round since the construction largely takes place indoors.
The Three Most Popular Basement Conversions: Although itís possible to convert Woodcote Green basements into just about any type of room or living space you can imagine, some conversions are inherently more popular than others.
  • Bedrooms. Growing families need plenty of space, and that makes basement conversions into bedrooms the most popular project. In larger homes, itís possible to add multiple bedrooms and even a bathroom, which can significantly expand your living space.
  • Recreation. When it comes to converting your basement into a rec room, the possibilities are endless. Homeowners have home cinemas, bars, game rooms, and even bowling alleys in their basements. Be sure to mention the purpose of your conversion in your quote request so youíll be contacted by contractors who are familiar with the work.
  • Rental units. Itís also possible to convert a basement into a complete, stand-alone apartment that a homeowner can rent out and earn profit from. In this case, youíll need an entry from the outdoors to provide privacy to your tenant. Your rental unit can be just as large as your own home, too, depending on the size of your basement. You can have bedrooms, a bathroom, and even a kitchen, if it is all safely installed by professionals.
Considerations for Basement Conversions Woodcote Green: When planning basement conversions, a number of factors need to be considered first in order to create exactly the right type of space. A few things you need to think about when designing a basement conversion include:

  • Is the basement dry or does it hold water? Damp basements need to be completely waterproofed first in order to ensure the work can be completed properly.
  • How much headroom is available? Remember that adding ceiling tile can reduce the amount of headspace by six to 12 inches, and this can ultimately affect what you will be able to use the room for.
  • Do local zoning laws require a building permit before getting started? Performing work without the necessary permits is not advisable since it could ultimately affect your ability to sell the property.
  • What would you like the space to be used for? This space can easily be converted into a bedroom, game room or den to name just a few ideas.
  • How much lighting is available? If the room is especially dark, it might be necessary to add additional track lighting overhead in order to brighten up the space.
  • Does the basement need to have private access? If so, major renovations might be needed in order to create a walkout that is accessible from outside the home.
  • Are you interested in adding a bathroom? This will require special plumbing fixtures and could also require modifications to your existing septic system.
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Woodcote Green basement conversion costsBenefits of Woodcote Green Basement Conversions: One of the primary benefits of a basement conversion is added living space. It can also be a great way to get rid of moisture problems that could ultimately cause foundation problems since these will need to be addressed before construction begins. A converted basement can be an excellent place to seek shelter in whenever storms are present. Hosting parties in the basement can make setting up beforehand and cleaning afterwards easier to accomplish since the main part of your house wonít be used by guests. A finished basement could help your home sell faster than others in your neighbourhood in the event you decide to place it on the market.
Safety of Basement Conversions: Homeowners often worry about flooding or the ability to escape from a basement in a fire if it is converted into living space. Fortunately, most cities throughout the UK have building codes in place that require contractors and homeowners to consider these things during the conversion process. If your basement will be a bedroom, office, nursery, or even home theatre, you'll be required to provide an emergency exit directly from the basement to the outdoors, whether this exit is a door or a window that is easy to open from the inside. Flooding can be prevented by professional waterproofing and the installation of pumps to remove moisture, too.
  • Entries and exits. While most building codes require only a single entry point, youíll need two separate exits in the event of a fire or another disaster.
  • The staircase. Many unfinished basements have older, rickety staircases that, while safe for occasional use, may present problems with frequent use. Your contractor will address this during the conversion and offer you some options.
  • Ventilation. Itís important that the basement receive a constant source of clean air, whether through additional ventilation or from your homeís HVAC system.
  • Dampness. If your basement is prone to leaking or flooding, this should be addressed prior to the conversion. Otherwise, your hard work may all be in vain.
Considerations: For security and safety reasons, you may have to add an additional fire escape Ė this can even be an oversized window that opens outward. Some basements have a limited amount of lighting and this gives some people the illusion of being boxed in. If the amount of headroom in your basement is especially low, this could ultimately limit the number of ways you could use the space thatís available.
Woodcote Green Basement Conversion Costs: No two basement conversions are the same. Since each home has its own demographics, the cost of one project will vary substantially from another one. Some other things that can affect the cost of a basement conversion include whether or not substantial renovations are needed, types of fixtures chosen for the space, whether existing wiring and plumbing is in fair condition and the amount of waterproofing required. Of course, the amount of space being renovated will play a major role in the overall cost since a larger basement requires more labour and materials to finish.
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Your Woodcote Green basement conversion questions answered
  • What are some primary concerns when it comes to basement conversions? The structure should be damp proof, as it is not possible to convert a wet basement. Aside from that, having a method of escape in the event of fire is something else you should consider very carefully.
  • What can basement conversions be used for? Basement conversions can be used for nearly anything, but some common choices are extra bedrooms, game rooms, family rooms or guest apartments.
  • Do I need to obtain planning permissions before starting my basement conversion? This will depend on the amount of construction your conversion will require. Minor conversions can often be completed without the need to obtain planning permissions, but it is always best to check with your local planning office before beginning any project.
  • How much do average basement conversions cost? This is contingent on the amount of conversion your basement needs. Conversions of existing basements will cost between £700 and £1,400. Expanding on a basement or creating a new one will cost significantly more.
  • Will my basement conversion require its own source of heat? This is contingent on the amount of conversion your basement needs. Conversions of existing Woodcote Green basements will cost between £700 and £1,400. Expanding on a basement or creating a new one will cost significantly more.
  • Will I get a good return on my investment? In most cases, converting your basement into living space will increase the value of your home somewhat, but you may not get a significant return on your investment. For this reason, you should only consider converting your basement if you need the extra space for yourself; doing so to appeal to potential home buyers may not be worth the money.
  • Do I have to have a drop ceiling in a basement conversion? While a drop ceiling is by far the most common means of finishing a basement, itís not a requirement in any way. In fact, many homeowners simply paint the overhead floor joists and even ductwork a dark colour to provide a more industrial feel. This looks nice with can lighting attached directly to the joists, as well.
  • Is it possible to convert only a part of the basement? If your basement is very large, it may make more sense to finish only a part of it Ė especially if the other part is used primarily for storage. This simply involves building walls and doorways to close off the finished portion of the basement.
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